SunForest-Waterwahl has been an independent record and publishing company since 1965. Originating in Highland, Illinois, SunForest-Waterwahl now produces music in the Pacific Northwest. Edward Jenny and his wife Sabra are the owners and serve as the co-production team.

Edward Jenny is currently the sole artist managed by the company. Edward Jenny has written, performed and produced several music releases over the years including independent albums Lift-Off, Diamond Head: Dialog With The Moon, and Tales From The Emerald Forest, on SunForest-Waterwahl. Additional music releases include some regional Chess/Cadet Concept releases with The Truth(Acid Sette), a St. Louis band, and soundtracks for television and film trailers.

A new series of albums are in production to be released through Amazon and other venues.

2012 recording called Emerald Forest Rhythms is the first of several albums in production. has 30 sec promos and album art for Emerald Forest Rhythms

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Also available on Google/Music, ITunes, CDBaby


Catalogs and affiliations:

SunForest-Waterwahl is a BMI company. Edward Jenny is a SOCAN author. Library of Congress.


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Snoqualmie Falls


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