Supercharge is a British rock band from Liverpool, was established in 1974 and saxophonist Albie Donnelly.


The first album Between Music And Madness was recorded in 1974 and released by a local record label. Soon after, they signed a contract with Virgin Records and was Robert John "Mutt" Lange as music producerattracted for their first album at Virgin. The band then scored a hit in Australia with the single Get Up And Dance and was taken from the album Local Lads Make Good. The album reached the gold status there and resulted in several highly successful tours throughout Australia.

The success in Great Britain, however, remained and this was exacerbated by inadequate promotion by Virgin Records. However, the band acquired the status of ' one of the best British live bands ' which established names from the music industry wanted them not in their program. However, one exception to this is known: in the mid-1970s the band performed for about 100,000 spectators at the Hyde Park Festival for Queen.

Mutt Lange also produced the two subsequent albums. On Body Rhythm takes Mutt Lange for his account, even the lead vocals of the original band was only Albie Donnelly remains.

During the strong rise of the punk movement lost the band its record deal with Virgin Records.


  1. Between Music And Madness, 1974
  2. Local Lads Make Good, 1976
  3. Horizontal Refreshment, 1977
  4. Body Rhythm, 1979
  5. The Best Of supercharge, 1993
  6. Groovers In Paris-Live At Tina Onassis ' Wedding At Maxim's Paris, 1984

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