"Suspended in Gaffa" is a song recorded by Kate Bush. It was the third single release from her album The Dreaming in Europe (but not in the UK where "There Goes a Tenner" was released instead).

The song lyrics are about seeing something one really wants (God in this case), then not being able to see or experience it ever again.[1] The "gaffa" of the title and chorus refers to gaffer tape, the strong matte black tape used by technicians in the film and concert industries.[2]

The B-side is the original mix of "Ne t'enfuis pas", only released on a handful of singles in late 1982. "Ne t'enfuis pas", which is misspelled on the original sleeve as "Ne T'en Fui Pas", means "Don't run away" in French. In some countries, the B-side was "Dreamtime" (which originally appeared as the B-side to "The Dreaming").


 [hide*1 Music video

Music video[edit]Edit

A music video was produced for the song, which features Bush performing an interpretive dance in what appears to be a barn. Video on YouTube


In popular culture[edit]Edit has been the name for the Kate Bush Usenet newsgroup since 16 August 1985,[3] and is now resident at Google Groups and other Kate-Bush-related websites.[4]

A song called 'Kate Boosh' by Brooklyn-based rapper and former member of rap group Das Racist Himanshu "Heems" Suri samples the two-line post-chorus vocal of this song and co-opts it as a chorus. The song appears on Suri's 2012 mixtape 'Nehru Jackets', and was released via Greedhead Entertainment.


Chart (1983) Peak


Dutch Single Top 100 50

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