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Artist: The Mr. T Experience

Album: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood

Appears On (Mixes): The Boys And Girls Are Lifting Up Their Plates

Song Notes: I've been a big fan of The Mr. T Experience for a long time now; it was pretty much cemented when I saw them open for Reel Big Fish, and during a technical blowout, Dr. Frank did an acoustic-solo version of "Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend" (much like, you know, the album version). This is from that same album, Our Bodies, Ourselves, but a completely different sounding track. I've often thought Dr. Frank was doing a little bit of a Jello Biafra impersonation on this track, although not everyone agrees with me. At any rate, I've always dug this one a lot. Lots of the witty lyrics MTX is known for -- "And I'm sure you'll never walk alone/because you can't control your legs"; "There were things I coulda told you but you'd heard them all before/and you looked so calm and peaceful lying passed out on the floor". - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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