Sweat Soundtrack
Sweat cover
by (various artists)
Released August 1, 2008
Genre Metal, Industrial, Hip-hop
Label JaDed EyeZ Entertaiment
Producer Ryan McClellan, Fuckin' Mike


Sweat was an independently-produced underground film that was directed by Ryan McClellan. In 2008 McClellan approached numerous bands, asking them to contribute tracks for the film's soundtrack. The result was a compilation of rock, metal, hip-hop and industrial artists that flowed together surprisingly well. Some of the bands and artists featured include Wales-based electro artist Hairpsichoid, a metal band called The Fury, hip-hop artist D-O-E and industrial-metal band Khaos Faktory, the latter of which had four track contributions.

The CD album was released on August 1, 2008 on the official Sweat website. Retail copies of the disc were distributed to the contributing bands for sale and/or distribution.

The film itself was eventually canceled in 2009, however the alliance of McClellan, D-O-E and Khaos Faktory would later lead to the formation of the short-lived Khaos Records, which released albums by D-O-E and Khaos Faktory in 2009.


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