Sweet Child O' Mine was the third single released by hard rock/heavy metal band Guns N' Roses. As of 2012, it is their only single to reach number-one in the U.S. It was the most successful single off of their debut album Appetite For Destruction. This track has been covered by a number of artists, such as Anastacia, The Sunny Bottom Boys, Gregorian and Bob Wayne.


Country Peak
Flag of Australia Australia 11[1]
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders) 36[1]
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 20[1]
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 5[1]
Flag of Spain Spain 30[1]
20px Schweden 27[1]
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 15[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 6[2]
Flag of the United States United States 1[3]

Sheryl Crow cover (1999)Edit

In September 1999, Sheryl Crow performed a cover version for the soundtrack to Big Daddy. The single were released in September 1999 and 8 October 1999[4].

Charts Peak
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 95[5]
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 30[2]

Taken by Trees cover (2009)Edit

Taken by Trees, the solo project of swedish vocalist Victoria Bergman, recorded an indie pop cover that charted in United Kingdom only on #23 [2]

Milk Inc. cover (2013)Edit

the Belgian dance duo Milk Inc. released a progressive / bigroom house cover including the original guitar riffs. The digital track was released on 3 June 2013, the physical copy 17 June 2013. This song only charted in Belgium at the Vlaamse Ultrapop Top 50 and peaked at #5[6]

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