Artist: yeah No

Date Released: June 21, 2004

Label: Squealer

Produced By:


  1. She Has Four Thorns
  2. Last Beginning
  3. Born in the Air
  4. Camper Giorno
  5. Cloud Stopper
  6. Flanked
  7. He Has a Pair of Dice
  8. Dead Water
  9. Staircase Genius
  10. Kip Files


The first and most important comment I can make about this album is that this record is for music lovers, not necessarily just jazz lovers. yeah No is the quartet of multi-talented NY musicians led by the never-ceasing clarinetist/saxophonist Chris Speed. The band creates extremely focused and smooth jazz compositions that please the ears of even the most close-minded person. The most amazing aspect of the album is that it sounds both improved and rehearsed at the same time. On the same note, it could be considered avant-garde that concentrates on using melody as the centerpiece; meaning that it is a great stepping stone for a amateur jazz fan to understand the elegance behind avant-garde and improv. Swell Henry also features Rob Burger, whose accordion is an amazing compliment to the sound, and Jamie Saft on mellotron and farfisa. This is a very good record that you should enjoy, jazz fan or not. Mpardaiolo

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