Originating Location: Hudson Valley, New York

Originating Era: 2000

Genre DescriptionEdit

Sykophunk is a hybrid genre of music based upon rhythm (usually electronically produced) and mood (often dark, hard-edged, and/or emotional). It can contain elements of almost any other genre but is usually influenced by at least two of the following: hip hop, electronica (or any electronic sub-genre), metal, and gothic. When accompanied by lyrics, sykophunk songs are usually sung in a rap style, though choruses/hooks can be sung in an industrial-metal style (sometimes with distortion on the vocals) or in a combination of R&B and gothic vocal styles. As for the tempo, most sykophunk falls in the 80-120 BPM range, though there are exceptions.

joe DOE, who is known as the creator of sykophunk, said that the genre's name means that "it's crazy but it'll make you move." He has also stated that because it can be influenced by so many other genres, sykophunk might be better considered a mood rather than a genre. Still, he continues to categorize all of his own music into the sykophunk genre.

Key ArtistsEdit

Key AlbumsEdit

External LinksEdit

Official Sykophunk Productions website

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