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T.A.T.Y. - The Remixes
N3krozoft TATY remixes
Remix album by N3krozoft Ltd
Released June, 2004
Genre Techno, Glitch
Label F0rkb0mb GmbH f0rk-03
N3krozoft Ltd chronology
ultra.da+a/111k!n3m4 T.A.T.Y. - The Remixes Dunkelziffer

T.A.T.Y. - The Remixes is an unofficial remix project by N3krozoft Ltd. A collection of radical reworkings and digital deconstructions, entirely based on audio material by the russian pop duo t.A.T.y.


  1. 30 minutes [is way too short mix]
  2. Da ya ne svjataja [opposite direction mix]
  3. Prostie dvizhenia [ultra-slow-motion mix]
  4. Nas Ne Dogonyat / Not Gonna Get Us [chechen resistance mix]
  5. Ya Ne Glotayu [ctrl-alt-del mix]
  6. Robot [russian business network mix]

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