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Founded: b. 1969

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Website Link(s): A fan site; Official site (in Japanese)




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She started as a famous child actress, but would spend most of her time at home, alone working on music. In the early 1990s, she formed a few bands (including Fancy Face Groovy Name with Kahimi Karie, and floated from band to band, until recorded an independent album, Chat Chat and self-released it. Polystar heard it and wanted to release without any changes other than adding a couple tracks. From there, she started releasing records on her own, and got some international success as well. In 2000, she married Cornelius, and after Maxi On, she hasn't released anything since; she has had a child, and she wants to raise her.

Trivia: She is the voice that says "Playstation" at the end of some of the Sony Playstation ads.





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