Artist: Wax Tailor

Date Released: September 20, 2005

Label: Under Cover Music/Decon

Produced By:


  1. Behind the Curtain (Opening)
  2. Que Sera
  3. Ungodly Fruit
  4. Between Fellows
  5. Hypnosis Theme
  6. Damn that Music Made My Day
  7. Where My Heart's At
  8. Birth of a Struggle
  9. Am I Free
  10. Ringing Score
  11. I Don't Know
  12. Our Dance
  13. Stay Tuned
  14. Walk the Line
  15. A Woman's Voice
  16. Don't You Remember
  17. How I Feel
  18. Behind the Disguise


Cinematic indie-hip-hop is very hit-or-miss, sometimes falling into the depths of overproduced clutter or redundant drone. Wax Tailor, former rapper, composer, producer and manager of La Formulein, masterfully side-steps these pitfalls with Tales of the Forgotten Memories, but even so, there may not be much of an audience waiting on the other side. Tailoring (get it) samples of movies and past albums with lush downtempo and well crafted instrumental hip-hop, WT creates his own script of sorts with the assorted vocal samples usually using them in completely new contexts. Guest artists include Atlanta so-so rappers, The Others, Charlotte Savary from the French band Cloveron (who attempts a Portishead, but comes off a bit annoying) and cellist Marina Quaisse. The best tracks are heavy with samples but without the guest artists, WT works best with his turntables and not with vocalists. This album is slightly better than decent, and a good example of what cinematic hip-hop can be if you have the right man as the programmer. Mpardaiolo

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