Talk That Talk is the sixth studio album by Rihanna. The album was released on november 18, 2011 in Europe and on november 21, 2011 in America. The genres pop,dance-pop and R & B are to be found on the album. Talk That Talk is also influenced by hip hoptranceelectroelectrohouse and dubstep. The Standard Edition of Talk That Talk was also temporary period her shortest album. The number 1-hit We Found Love was the first single from the album. The single was released on september 22, 2011. The second single was You Da One and was released on 11 november. Talk That Talk became the third single and was played on the radio for the first time on 17 January 2012. The fourth single, Birthday Cake with Chris Brown, was issued only in the United States. The fifth single was however released again. This single is titled Where Have You Been .


 [hide]*1 Background



After the appearance of Rihanna's fifth album Loud , she decided to make a reissue of her album. But in september 2011 left them onTwitter know that earned her fans a brand new album. [source? ]In August 2011, said the producers of her single Man Down, The Jugganauts, that they worked on two songs on her album might come up. According to Rihanna would appear the new album in the fall.


The recordings for the album began in February 2011 Talk That Talk and continued until november 2011. The album was recorded in various places around the world, including Los AngelesNew York Cityand Birmingham , as well as in ParisOsloCopenhagenLondonAmsterdamHamburgFrankfurt and StockholmJay-Z, Alexa da Kid, Ester Dean, Calvin Harris, Sean Combs, Dr. Luke, The-Dream and Kuk Harrel contributors to the album. Kuk Harrel said in an interview that Rihanna was very busy with the shooting of Talk That Talk. So the music was recorded during her Loud Tour in hotel rooms where they were staying. He also said that Rihanna sometimes from 6 o'clock in the evening to 6 o'clock in the morning could record music.


Style and genre[Edit]Edit

Talk That Talk is a mixture of different styles, including hip hopR & Band electroelectrohouse , dance hall and dubstep. The genre of this album best describes her album in 2009, Rated R.. It is also a completely different album than Loud, that was very colorful and cheerful. Talk That Talk is also more "dance hall" other than her first two albums Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me .

Musical structure[Edit]Edit

[2]Rapper Jay-Z and discoverer participates on Talk that Talk.

The first song on the album, "You Da One", was produced by Dr. Luke. The song was a midtempo song with a dubstep breakdown halfway through the song. Where Have You Leg is the second number. The song was produced by Dr. Luke and Calvin Harris and Ester Dean. It is a housenummer with elements of electro trance. "We Found Love", the lead single, was also produced by Calvin Harris. The single can be characterised as a combination of electrohouse and dance-pop. The title track Talk that Talk was sung and performed respectively by Rihanna and Jay-Z. The song was produced by StargateCockiness (Love It) was produced by Bangladesh and is inspired by hip hop and Dancehall.Birthday Cake was produced by Da Internz and The Dream and became an electro beat number. It was a short track of one minute and 18 seconds. On Rihanna's birthday (20 February) this song was re-released. This was the long version, on which Chris Brown was a guest. Da Internz left a week in advance already know that the song would appear again; Chris Brown later also revealed that it would be warming up. The next song on the album is titled "We All For Love". This song was produced by No I.D. and it became an acoustic number. The eighth track from the album was Drunk on Love, that again was produced by Stargate. Roc Me Out was also manufactured by these producers team. As the tenth number followed "Watch n ' Learn", produced by Hit Boy. The end of the Standard Edition was Farewell. This ballad was produced by Alexa Da Kid. Red Lipstick was the first song of the Deluxe Edition. The dubstep track was produced by Chase & Status. Do Ya Tang was an R & B number and is produced by Rihanna and The Dream. The last song was Fool In Love, that is accompanied by guitars.


[3]Calvin Harris produced two singles by Talk that Talk[4]Chris Brown can be heard on the remix of Birthday Cake.*The first single was We Found Love. The single was released to the world for the first time on september 22, 2011. We Found Love was from 11 October 2011 played on the American radios. The music video, which came out on October 19, 2011, is a a couple who became embroiled in a world of drugs and booze. The video clip also got critics all over them but it did become a hit on YouTube]. On May 17, 2012 was the video clip for over 170 million views. Also the single did very well in the charts. In the Flemish Ultratop 50 singles the third position as peak and in the Netherlands Top 40 was the single at number 3. In the United States it became a large number 1-hit. The song was about ten weeks in the first position. With this single Whitney Houston they also bumped the third place with most number one hits. Madonna and Mariah Carey for her yet. Also in the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Sweden and many other countries tipped We Found Love the lists. The single received a Platinum status in Belgium.

  • You Da One was chosen as the second single from the album. The single was on the radio for the first time on 11 november 2011 turned and was per 13 november digitally available. You Da One ' ' according to critics includes influences of reggae. The single was an average success. In the United States stood at number 14 as You Da Onepeak. The single reached the 39th place In Flanders. In Netherlands, the single on 28. In most countries, took out the single the top twenty. The video was directed by Melina Matsoukas, who also directed music video We Found Love . The video was released on december 23, 2011.
  • Talk That Talk was chosen as the third single. The song contains a rapgedeelte with Jay-Z. The single was released in March in Europe. In the United States, the single has previously played on the radios. The single missed the Ultratop in Flanders but took out the 29th position in Netherlands. In the u.s. Billboard Hot 100 , the single at number 31. There was no music video for Talk that Talk was launched.
  • Birthday Cake became the fourth single in the United States. In Europe the single was not issued. Originally it was an intro of the album Birthday Cake but on 20 February 2012 was the long version of the single released. To hear Chris Brown in it. This also took care for a lot of criticism because Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna has in the past.Also from this single was also no video clip released. Birthday Cake was on number 24 in the Hot 100.
  • The fifth international single was "Where Have You Been. The video clip went in premiere on april 30, 2012. This single became a world-wide success. The song reached the top ten in many countries. This single peaked at number 9 In Flanders and in Wallonia on number 6. Not the number obtained the top ten In Netherlands. She ended up at number 12. The single was a bigger success In America because the single peaked at number 5. The single got a gold status assigned In Belgium. Rihanna had after "Where Have You Been" 22 top ten singles to her name during 7 years (in the United States). They put out this Lil Wayne over.
  • The sixth single was a remix of Cockiness (Love It). Rihanna was during the remix accompanied by A $ ap Rocky. The single was only released in the United States.


Live Performances[Edit]Edit

To promote for her first single We Found Love Rihanna spent the number-one single for the first time during her Loud Tour. On 17 november brought Rihanna We Found Love during X-Factor in North America.There she wore a ripped jeans with a jacket and top. Rihanna performed on 21 november 2011 promotion for her album We Found Love and Talk that Talk. Then dry them a checked dress. At the Grammy Awards on February 12, brought together with Chris Martin's Coldplay Rihanna "Princess of China" and We Found Love. She wore a black suit (in honor to Whitney Houston who died the day before). Also during The BRIT Awards brought Rihanna once again the number one hit We Found Love. Rihanna and her dancers were all dressed in white. Later came to the act also paint and balloons. On 3 March, Rihanna for the first time her third single Talk that Talk during The Jonathan Ross Show. She was wearing a t-shirt, skirt and hats with "BOY" written down.Rihanna also went further on visit in Japan where they sang We Found Love in a program. Also during the TIME Gala in New York (Rihanna was listed as one of the most influential people in the world in 2012) sang Rihanna We Found Love and Redemption Song On 15 april 2012 crept up again Rihanna on stage during the Coachella Festival. She sang there We Found Love with Calvin Harris behind. On 5 may, she was a guest on The Saturday Night Life. There she brought a mix of two singles: Talk that Talk and "Birhtday Cake". She sang these songs in black clothing and with a gigantic web behind her. Rihanna also released Where Have You Been. This song was sung in a Arab atmosphere. So the dancers wore a knickerbockers and a veil. Later in the month of May brought Rihanna also her single "Where Have You Been on Robin Hood Benefit. She was dressed as a kind of Egyptian Cleopatra.

Promotional photographs[Edit]Edit

On november 15, leaked a first image of Rihanna's album Talk That Talk. The pictures were mostly in black and white. On the photos you saw Rihanna on the streets of New York. Also they sometimes sat in a bathtub or on a wooden staircase. On the photos, she appeared in a Dungarees with underneath a bh. On another photo she wore a shirt in camouflage print or in a striped, red/black packet. She let her fans even before the appearance of her album feast on her promotional pictures that she revealed.

Promotional Tour[Edit]Edit

Rihanna resigned in the summer of 2012 on at various festivals, in order to promote her album Talk That Talk . The tour began in may 2012, and lasted until October 2012.


The tracklist of Talk That Talk was on november 5, 2011 published on the internet through Rihanna's Facebook page. [1]

Talk That Talk
Nr. Title Duration
1. You Da One   3: 20
2. Where Have You Been   4: 02
3. We Found Love (with Calvin Harris) 3: 35 am
4. Talk That Talk (with Jay-Z) 3: 29
5. Cockiness (Love It)   2: 58
6. Birthday Cake   1: 18
7. We All Want Love   3: 57
8. Drunk on Love   3: 32
9. Roc Me Out   3: 29
10. Watch n ' Learn   3: 31
11. Farewell   4: 16
Bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition
Nr. Title Duration
12. Red Lipstick   3: 37 am
13. Do Ya Thang   3: 43
14. Fool in Love   4: 15


Single with any chart positions (and)

in the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


We found love 22-09-2011 08-10-2011 3 22 with Calvin Harris /

No. 3 in the Single Top 100 / Alarm drive

You da one 14-11-2011 03-12-2011 28 4 No. 53 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive
Talk that talk 12-01-2012 11-02-2012 29 5 with Jay-Z /

No. 61 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive

Where have you been 15-04-2012 05-05-2012 12 18 No. 15 in the Single Top 100
Single with chart positions (and)

in the Flemish Ultratop 50

Date of


Date of




Number Of


We found love 2011 01-10-2011 3 24 with Calvin Harris/ Gold
You da one 2011 21/01/2012 39 5
Talk that talk 2012 17-03-2012 tip4 - with Jay-Z
Where have you been 2012 05-05-2012 9 22 Gold

Chart Positions[Edit]Edit

Dutch Album Top 100
Chart positions: 26-11-2011 to 17-03-2012
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Position: 6 14 25 24 24 26 23 22 30 34 43 57 56 55 67 75 78 from
Flemish Ultratop 100 albums
Chart positions: 26-11-2011 to 24-03-2012
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Position: 20 3 15 21 27 23 17 16 22 23 28 34 34 54 63 58 68 53 from


Region Date Data Bearer Tag Edition
Australia 18 november 2011 Cddownload Universal Music Standard, luxury
Ireland Standard
Poland Standard, luxury
Canada 21 november 2011
France Def Jam
United Kingdom Mercury
United States Def Jam
Japan 23 november 2011 Universal Music
Colombia 1 december 2011
Indonesia 2 december 2011 Cd Standard

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