talkbox or jappiotube is a device that allows sound effects can be induced, by the sound of an instrument via a hose to bring the player's mouth. Then the oral cavity that can enlarge or reduce the sound affect. This sound is affected from the mouth strengthened through a microphone. The device consists of a speaker to which a plastic hose is connected. The device is operated by a pedal with which the sound of the instrument of your choice to the talkbox or can be sent to the speaker.

The talkbox was used in the 1960s by Bill West and country musician Pete Drake. Drake used the talk box in 1964 on his album Forever, and would release three more albums on which the talkbox was used. It is not entirely clear who should be recognized as an inventor of the talkbox, the invention is both by Bob Heil as by Doug Forbes claimed.

In the 1970-1979 was the talkbox at a number of popular artists, Joe Walsh used it on his album Rocky Mountain Way. In 1973 Peter Frampton got a talkbox by Bob Heil as Christmas gift. Frampton used the device during the recording of his most famous album Frampton Comes Alive! (1976)) and in particular the song Show Me the Way, on which the talkbox is used, became a big hit.

Later the talkbox also used by Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) (Livin' on a Prayer), and the song on Pink Floyd Pigs (Three Different Ones)Manny Charlton of Nazareth used a talkbox that looked like a bagpipe. Other artists and groups who used the talkbox are Jeff BeckDaft PunkVan HalenGuns ' N Roses(Slash), RufusSteely DanSnoop DoggT-PainChromeo and Coheed and Cambria. Matthias Jabs of Scorpions also used the instrument in "The Zoo". Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters still makes use of the instrument, as seen was during their performance at Pinkpop.

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