Teddy Bear is a 1976 song by the American country music singer Red Sovine.

The song is actually a spoken text with musical background music and belongs to the subgenre of trucker music. The song is about a paraplegic boy who seeks out contact with a passing trucker on the CB. The boy calls himself "Teddy Bear" and used his father's CB, after this as trucker crashed. Moved by his story drives the trucker to the House of the boy a ride with him. On his arrival, the street already full trucks from drivers who had followed the story with it.

Teddy Bear was about three weeks on the first place of the Country-singles chart of Billboard Magazine (17-31 July 1976), and reached the 40th place in the Billboard Hot 100.

Other versions[Edit]Edit

The song was covered several times, including by Mike Judge, Ferlin Husky, Boxcar Willie, The Jackson Southernaires, Nev Nicholls, in the German language by theAustrian singer Jonny Hill and in Dutch (Teddy bear) by the Dutch singer Gerard de Vries.

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