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Artist: Weezer

Album: Island In The Sun Japanese EP

Appears On: I'm a Wound and a Sword, A Victim and an Executioner

Song Notes: I probably don't need to tell anyone who Weezer is. This is from the Green Album-era, and appeared on a Japanese Island In The Sun EP. It's sort of surprising this was just a B-side; particularly such an obscure B-side—it's a really good song. It'd fit in on Green really well, actually. (And I don't get why everyone keeps slagging that record, I thought it was really good. Unless they're slagging it because it's barely a half-hour long. I can see slagging it for that, particularly since their label seems to think that 17 bucks is a fair retail price for an album that short with no liner notes or anything to speak of. Hope Interscope's not going broke putting THAT one out…) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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