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Artist: Men Without Hats

Album: No Hats Beyond This Point

Appears On (Mixes): Robotmonster's Mp3s For Phancy.Com, As Promised, The Future!

Song Notes: Robotmonster's Mp3s For Phancy.Com: Okay, I'm hoping that you're at least savvy enough to realize that Canada's most famous synthpop group didn't die after the release of "The Safety Dance" -- but even if you followed them through the series of albums from there (including a mediocre solo effort from Ivan), you may not be aware that they are still putting tunes out there. Their most recent release (admittedly a few years old now), includes this track, a witty little takeoff on the Buggles song that launched MTV back in the day. - RobotMonster

As Promised, The Future!: After ten years, Stefan and Ivan Doroschuk came back with a whole new album ... though as far as I know, it’s only available through their website. I’ve always been a huge fan of the older stuff (and I have Ivan’s solo album, which has a few good cuts), so I snapped this up. I chose “Telepathy” as the track to send you as much for the opening line as anything else. I knew you’d appreciate it. - RobotMonster


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