Artist: Rob Sonic

Date Released: 2004

Label: Def Jux

Produced By: Rob Sonic


  1. Strange Hammer
  2. Death Vendor
  3. New Car Smell
  4. Former Future
  5. Super Ball
  6. Sniper Picnic
  7. Telicatessen
  8. Behemoth
  9. Shoplift
  10. Dyslexia
  11. Riot Ender
  12. Location is Everything
  13. Macomb's Dam Bridge

If you have not heard of the underground hip-hop label Definitive Jux, then you really not must be into independent music that much. I’m not saying that you should be in love with them, but that at the moment, they are probably the biggest hip-hop label under the mainstream level, save maybe Okay Player. Well El-P’s label, which sports a roster that includes the likes of Aesop Rock, RJD2, Cannibal Ox and Murs, has released Telicatessen by their newest addition. Rob Sonic fits the bill pretty well with his literate rhymes and quality beats. Originally the head honcho of the critically acclaimed group Sonic Sum, Rob has gone solo, and rightfully so. He holds his own throughout the album with his calm, yet catchy phrasing and amazing self-production. Highlights include his upbeat single, Death Vendor, the El-P-esque Super Ball, and Sniper Picnic, the collaboration with Creature and fellow Jukies, Hangar 18. Telicatessen is more accessible than most Def Jux releases, while still retaining their aesthetics. This is for the hip-hop head who is just starting to dive into the insanity of underground hip-hop. Mpardaiolo

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