Artist: Temper Temper

Date Released: March 29, 2005

Label: Revelation

Produced By: Jim Diamond


  1. Trust Me
  2. Terror Tongue and Cheek
  3. Trainwreck Flare
  4. Loaded Life
  5. Delicate Pimp
  6. Sin Spin Sin
  7. My God is Gold
  8. Sexy Little Cuts
  9. Bleed for Me Comrade
  10. Heart Like a Fist
  11. Cheap Little Target


With the mounds of dancey art-punk that has been released in the last 5 years, it begins to be hard to decipher who is another rip-off and who is actually a genuinely good band. Temper Temper seems to fit into the latter, but the quality of the genre as a whole seems to be on the decline. They craft a sharp, sexy, and unbelievably dancey sound that is smart as it is ass shaking. Scrounged up from the streets of Milwaukee, these 5 effeminate young men have found their niche in modern music, but the question remains, will anyone pay attention at this point? Their best decision as of yet was to enlist Detroit producing phenomena Jim Diamond to handle the boards, he has previously produced extremely popular albums for The White Stripes, Electric Six and The Von Bondies. The sound agreed on is centered around bouncy synth lines and Pat Fuller’s sassy vocals, while the rest of the band lays down angular post-punk that is a perfect fit for the sound. This is a good album, but already seems archaic in the always evolving shape of popular music today. Mpardaiolo

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