Ten Most Wanted
Studio album by Joey Yung
Released 27 February 2006
Genre Canto-pop
Length 38:37
Label EEG
Joey Yung chronology
Ten Most Wanted
Jump Up – 9492

Ten Most Wanted is Hong Kong pop singer Joey Yung's tenth full length studio Cantonese album, released on 27 February 2006. It appears as a breakthrough in Joey's discography not only in the glamorous cover design but also in the varied music style in the CD. The CD was produced in the period of her concert, Reflection of Joey Live 2005. After the concert, Joey had a vocal cord strain. Consequently, more time is spent producing this CD compared with Joey's previous CDs so as to let Joey to have a relax for her vocal cord. This allows more room for trying new style of the CD cover design and trying new music styles. Notably, Joey invited Mavis Fan, a renowned Taiwan singer, songwriter and song producer, to compose two songs, Get Fit with Jane Fonda and Torn Tongue, in her CD. Both songs are rather funky and experimental compared with Joey's songs in her previous CDs. Apart from the two songs, Joey tried other music style, like jazz in Real Man, J-pop-style in Land of Snow and bossa nova in Last Flight. It appears that the new styles are well liked by the public.

Track listingEdit

  1. 金銀島 Treasure Island
  2. 摩登時代 Modern Times
  3. 堂堂男人 Real Man
  4. 赤地雪 Land of Snow
  5. 跟珍芳達做健身操 Get Fit with Jane Fonda
  6. 流淚眼望流淚眼 Tears vs Tears
  7. 舌尖開叉 Torn Tongue
  8. 上次坐飛機 Last Flight
  9. 最後的茱麗葉The Last Juliet
  10. 冬眠 Hibernation

2nd version bonus CD:

  1. 情歌的情歌(Sony Ericsson One Live One Love 容祖兒/姚珏/莫拉維亞交響樂團音樂會 主題曲) Love Song of the Love Songs
  2. 獅子山下 (合唱版 - 羅文、容祖兒) (獅子山下2006主題曲) Under the Lion's Rock
  3. 百年 (百年中國認識歷史活動主題曲) Hundred Years


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