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Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection is a compilation of Pere Ubu's early singles and b-sides. It includes the Hearthan singles (recorded with founderPeter Laughner) that were initially compiled on the Datapanik in Year Zero EP, and continues through later sides recorded with Mayo Thompson.

Track listing[edit]Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Heart of Darkness"   Tom Herman, Peter LaughnerDavid ThomasTim Wright 4:44
2. "30 Seconds Over Tokyo"   Thomas, Laughner, Gene O'Connor 4:57
3. "Final Solution"   Craig Bell, Herman, Scott Krauss, Laughner, Dave Taylor, Thomas, Wright 3:28
4. "Cloud 149"   Herman, Krauss, Laughner, Taylor, Thomas, Wright 3:05
5. "Untitled (actually "The Modern Dance" single mix)"   Herman, Krauss, Allen Ravenstine, Thomas, Wright 4:08
6. "My Dark Ages"   Herman, Krauss, Tony Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas 6:19
7. "Heaven"   Herman, Krauss, Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas 2:37
8. "Humor Me" (live) Herman, Krauss, Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas 4:00
9. "The Book Is on the Table"   Herman, Krauss, Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas 3:01
10. "Not Happy"   Herman, Krauss, Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas, Mayo Thompson 3:26
11. "Lonesome Cowboy Dave"   Herman, Krauss, Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas, Thompson 1:53


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