Founded: b. 1968

Headquarters: Springfield, MO / Kawasaki, Japan

Website Link(s): Official Site (NSFW)




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Band BiographyEdit

Terre Thaemlitz has done a lot -- he's started his own label, Comatonse, and done many different genres of music (he's typically most known for his more Electronica and Ambient stuff (that's typically where he's binned... if stores have anything of his at all), although some fan favorites are his Rubato series, featuring solo classical piano arrangements of songs by different artists (the three that are out now are of Kraftwerk, Gary Numan/Tubeway Army and DEVO). He's also a queer theorist, and his CDs often deal with that (the Rubato series, for example, comes with a long, indepth essay on gender roles and how they apply to/are subverted by that particular artist). His personal site (not necessarily safe for work) features many of the essays he's written about all aspects of culture, but primarily on gender/queer issues. He's also done some film/video work.





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