Artist: The Mae Shi

Date Released: July 27, 2004

Label: 5RC

Produced By:


  1. Terror Bird
  2. Power to the Power. Bite 2
  3. Revelation Two
  4. Revelation Three
  5. Jubilee
  6. Untitled
  7. Hieronymus Bosch is a Dead Man
  8. Chop 2
  9. Takoma the Dolphin is AWOL
  10. Vampire Beats
  11. Surf's Up
  12. Bite 1. Bite 3
  13. Testify!
  14. Terror Bird
  15. Revelation Six
  16. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi
  17. Vampire Zoo
  18. Body 1. Bite 1
  19. Body 2
  20. Do This
  21. Hard Luck Built New England
  22. Megamouth
  23. Revelation Four
  24. V. Beats
  25. Bite 4
  26. Chop 1
  27. Virgin's Diet, the Hand of Wolves
  28. Jubilation
  29. Repetition
  30. Repetition
  31. Repetition
  32. Repetition
  33. Repetition


Holy crap, this is one of the craziest cds I have ever heard, and I am completely positive that was the greatest compliment I could have ever given L.A.’s The Mae Shi. All 33 tracks on this 42 minute cd are completely and utterly insane. They range from schizophrenic screaming to pretty decent distorted beats. Every member “produced” different tracks at different places at different times, then soldered them together, tacked on some art work, and $120 later, The Mae Shi are signed to a solid label and are embarking on a nation-wide tour… how about that for DIY. For an idea of the sound, take The Blood Brothers aesthetic from Burn, Piano Island, Burn, except dice it up into 30+ tracks and add beats and even more random noise. So if you see The Mae Shi on their tour in one of the random-ass towns they are playing in (including Norman, OK and Twin Falls, Idaho) shake their hands, and give them a personally made mix tape; you’ll be surprised with the response. Mpardaiolo

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