Artists: AJG & Exampl

Producers: Dub's Attic

Directed by: AJG, Exampl & Espanto

Film Date: Mid-March, 2007

Release Date: Unreleased

The VideoEdit

The 2nd video AJG & Exampl filmed toghether. There has been tons of concepts and delays from this video. It was later confirmed that the video will not be release due to controversey in several scenes.


The plot of the video, announced by AJG, is that we wanted a sort of day time, west coast feel to the vid. We never accomplished that. The whole video is filmed during night. Some of it is actually filmed in the back alley behind my house and another part is filmed at Andrew's house in San Bernardino. There is also bits and parts of our car ride from Rialto to SB we'll be inserting every so often.

Bonus Video/Skit IdeasEdit

AJG announced that there was supposed to be a skit at the beggining containing the interlude from Rough Draft's "Streetz On Lock'D" with Tha Young'N's verse for Tha West-Sound being played in the background (supposedly the radio on Power 106, L.A. Radio Station).

He also said there was talk about a bonus "Been Around" video at the end but was later abandoned. Other concepts abandoned were "At It Again", "Get Money", "Get Somethin' Poppin'" & "Money N My Pocket RMX'.

Delay & ConcernEdit

One of the concerns in the beggining was that rapper Tha Young'N didnt want to take part in the video. It was soon resolved.

Another concern was that AJG & Exampl didnt think the video was quite finished. They still wanted to film several more scenes which is now disregarded.

AJG has announced due to controversey in several scenes, the video will not be released.

Cameo AppearanceEdit

Rapper Espanto makes a cameo appearances in 3/4 scenes.

Previous VideoEdit

Back Up N It Pt. 2

Next VideoEdit

It's Hard To Pray/Heart of I.E.

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