Thai Beat a Go-Go Vol. 3:Subliminal Sounds is an album by various artists, released in 2005 on Subliminal Sounds' label.


  1. Jiraphand Ong-Ar - Thai Boxing
  2. Supaphorn - Cham Chai
  3. Don-E - Sunshine Day
  4. Supaphorn - Lua Chen See
  5. Erawan Band - Khon Muangkhan
  6. Suda Chuenbarn - Jong Wai Korn
  7. The Royal Sprites - Noom Rai Por
  8. Sakarin Boonpit - Pee Lah
  9. Duangdao Mondara & Chailai - The Black Superman
  10. Vimarn Naeramit - Heoow Sabat
  11. Flash - Where is the Love
  12. Oriental Funk - Come Together
  13. Don-E - Soul Dracula
  14. Panatda - Let's Go
  15. Panatda - Flash Disco
  16. Chantana - Changwah Disco
  17. Jiraphand Ong-Ard - Siatmese Boxing
  18. The Law & The Sandy - Paradise in Bangkock


With the third installment of Subliminal Sounds' (the label that recently got worldwide exposure from releasing music by Dungen) Thai Beat a Go-Go series, the music continues to surprise and please lovers of funk, disco, pop and soul from the 60s and 70s, no matter their ethnicity. The series continues to highlight Bangkok artists from Vietnam-era Thailand, and the results are ridiculous. Throughout the album is a fantastic blend of respectable grooves, dusty breaks, exotic vocalists and just enough kitsch to keep the audience smiling. Covers of The McCoys, The Troggs, Betty Wright, Carlos Santana and Elvis are interlaced with funky originals, and styles vary, though they all remain upbeat and dance-floor oriented. Highlights include the pop-funk of Jiraphand Ong-Ard, the sassy Supaphorn, disco-oriented Panatda, the cutely odd Oriental Funk and the surf inspired The Law and The Sandy. Albums like this one are not for everyone, but it does give an insightful view on how influences from popular culture and music are able to span the globe and infuse themselves into any society. Mpardaiolo

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