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The 18th Dimension
Studio album by Young Lyrix
Released Debember 13, 2013
Recorded 2012-13
Genre Hip Hop/Rap/Horrorcore
Length 56:58
Language English
Label Ktown Entertainment
Producer Young Lyrix, Kid Urban, Young Raw, Jake One, Last Prophet, Necro, 2DEEP, Anno Domini, The Alchemist, Platinum Beats, Harry Fraud
Young Lyrix chronology
Money, Power, Respect
The 18th Dimension
Bastard Child

The 18th Dimension is the third studio album by Canadian rapper Young Lyrix (Rapper) and full debut album under the newly re-named Ktown Entertainment (Formally known as Ktown Recordz)


Recording for the album began back in 2012.

Track ListingEdit

  • 1 - Devil (INTRO)
  • 2 - Infinite
  • 3 - Everything You Got
  • 4 - The Spider
  • 5 - Possessed
  • 7 - Didn't Want You to Know (ft. John Cena)
  • 8 - Smells Like
  • 9 - Heart Attack
  • 10 - Dead Presidents
  • 11 - Party In My Head
  • 12 - Untitled
  • 13 - Greedy Bitches (Skit)
  • 14 - Whats Your Name (The Sexorcist)
  • 15 - Knuckle Up
  • 16 - Cocaine Game (ft. Riff Raff)
  • 17 - TRILL
  • 18 - Death Rap (ft. Necro)
  • 19 - Perfection is Exception
  • 20 - You Aint Miss Me
  • 21 - Outro


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