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Artist: AJG

Date Released: 07/01/06

Label: NGRC Productions

Length: 20:58

Produced By: AJG


The 5 Track Sampler is the 1st e.p. release from AJG. It was strictly made for promotional release in Reno, NV. Only 21 copies were made and distrubuted throughout Reno, NV. It was for promotional release of AJG's Tha AJG Mixtape. It included the 4 singles that would be released on the NGRC myspace page ( and 1 b-side (92376) for promtion of Tha AJG Mixtape.


AJG eventually re-packaged the E.P. for digital download on his soundclick page June 11th, 2007.


  1. Hard-Core Rhymin' (AJG Version)
  2. Try 2 Diss Me
  3. No Luv
  4. What's Next (ft. 2pac & The Live Squad)
  5. 9-2-3-7-6

Previous ReleaseEdit


Next ReleaseEdit

Tha AJG Mixtape

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