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Artist: IQU

Album: Sun Q

Appears On (Mixes): The Boys And Girls Are Lifting Up Their Plates, Plastic Music Exchange 2006 - Rev. DOG.

Song Notes: IQU (pronounced ee-koo) is a band I've referenced here before, but never actually posted anything by, so why not? Their site has a couple of tracks for download, too, but not this one! (Though the ones they do have, an album mix and remix of "Dirty Boy" and another b-side, are pretty awesome.) This is from their second, and better record Sun Q. Their first is OK, but doesn't really click with me. However I am all over Sun Q. This also has a cover of "Loving You" on it (originally by Minnie Riperton) which remarkably succeeds in being both Excellent and Non-Ironic. The key? Replacing the vocals and lyrics with incredibly well-played theremin. See, that's one of the other great things about this band—not only do they have a theremin, but they actually can play it, instead of just getting cool sounds out. So, how about that? Anyway, this is a cool song that has a sample from a cel phone ringing in it. It is also about recreational cocaine use, something I cannot condone. However, I do condone writing awesome songs about recreational cocaine use. (I like what John Flansburgh once said about "Sleeping In The Flowers" -- "This song was not written under the influence of drugs. However, it was written under the influence of songs written under the influence of drugs.") - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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