The Abyssinians is a Jamaican roots reggae band, notable for musical backing and references to the rastafari faith in their lyrics.


[hide]*1 History


The trio was formed in 1968 and consists of Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. In 1969, "Satte Massagana" Coxson Dodd's Studio Oneincluded in. It was partly sung in Amharic. Coxson decided not to bring out the song itself but from 1976 was released on the debut album that various record companies under different names came out. The song was covered by several artists, including Third World. The group disbanded in 1980 but continued to use the name The Abyssinians Donald Manning with a new occupation. The original line-up came together from 1989 to 1999. In 2004 and 2005, Donald Manning and David Morrison Bernard Collins with a tour in the United States and Europe, and in 2011 in England.


Studio albums[Edit]Edit

  • 1976: Satta Massagana -Jam Sounds (reissued in 1988 on Clinch, 1993 and 2007 on Heartbeat, also under the titles Satta and Forward on to Zion)
  • 1978: Arise - Tuff Gong/Virgin/Clinch
  • 1998: Reunion -Artists Only

compilation albums[Edit]Edit

  • 1982: Forward Alligator
  • 1994: Best of the Abyssinians -Musidisc
  • 1996: 19.95 + TAX
  • 1998: Satta Dub -Tabou 1
  • 1998: Declaration of Dub -Heartbeat
  • 1999: Last Days -Clinch (then-credited to Bernard Collins)
  • 2003: Abyssinians & Friends Tree of Satta vol. 1 - Blood & Fire

Live album[Edit]Edit

  • 2002: Live in San Francisco -2b1 II

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