Creator of the Mix:Eyeball Kid

Initial Notes About The Mix:Everything by the Beatles has been taken up as an anthem by one group or another. The hits are praised by just about every single person on this planet, except perhaps for those who claim that "They suck" or are deaf. However, what about those tracks that are buried deep within the albums? Why don't they get any respect? Where is their parade?!? When will they recieve their day in court? Ladies and gentlemen, today is that day.


  1. There's A Place (Please Please Me)
  2. Misery (Please Please Me)
  3. It Won't Be Long (Meet The Beatles)
  4. Don't Bother Me (Meet The Beatles)
  5. If I Fell (A Hard Day's Night)
  6. Slow Down (Something New)
  7. I'm A Loser (Beatles For Sale)
  8. I'll Follow The Sun (Beatles For Sale)
  9. She's A Woman (I Feel Fine single)
  10. I Need You (Help!)
  11. You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Help!)
  12. It's Only Love (Help!)
  13. You Won't See Me (Rubber Soul)
  14. Girl (Rubber Soul)
  15. She Said She Said (Revolver)
  16. For No One (Revolver)
  17. I Want To Tell You (Revolver)
  18. Within You Without You (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  19. Good Morning Good Morning (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  20. Your Mother Should Know (Magical Mystery Tour)
  21. Martha My Dear (The White Album)
  22. Honey Pie (The White Album)
  23. Savoy Truffle (The White Album)
  24. Cry Baby Cry (The White Album)
  25. Hey Bulldog (Yellow Submarine)
  26. It's All Too Much (Yellow Submarine)
  27. Here Comes The Sun (Abbey Road
  28. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Abbey Road)
  29. I've Got A Feeling (Let It Be)
  30. For You Blue (Let It Be)

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