The Adolescents is an American punk rock band from Fullerton, California. Their music is usually classified as hardcore punk. They are also often, along with Bad BrainsBlack Flag and Minor Threat, named as one of the bands that the punk revival of the 1980s led. The band includes ex-members of the bands Social Distortion andAgent Orange.

The band has many known line-up, partly because the band twice stopped and started again later with other members. The band first went broke up in 1981 after spending their first album: Adolescents. The reason was that many members were busy with their own projects such as Agent Orange and D.I.. The band came back together in 1986 and released two more albums before they broke up in 1989. The band came back together in 2001 and they held a tour because of their 20-year anniversary. They also released another album, O.C. Confidential.

Many later punk rock bands have indicated have been influenced by The Adolescents, including Bad ReligionFace to FaceGood Riddance[2]The Offspring[3],Pennywise[4and The Vandals.


[hide]*1 discography


Studio albums[Edit]Edit

  • Adolescents (1981)
  • Brats in Battalions (1987)
  • Balboa Fun Zone (1988)
  • O.C. Confidential (2005)

Other albums[Edit]Edit

  • Live in 1981 and 1986 (live album, 1989)
  • Return to the Black Hole (live album, 1997)
  • Live at the House of Blues 10/3/03 ("The Show Must Go Off!) (Live album, 2003)
  • The Complete Demos 1980-1986 (compilation album, 2005)

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