The Amazing Rhythm Aces is an American folk rock musical group.

The Aces came together in Memphis in 1972 . First with bassist Jeff Davis and drummer Butch McDade, who, along with singer/songwriter Jesse Winchester, made recordings and tours. Later, instead of Jesse Winchester Russell Smith (vocals/guitar), Billy Earhart III (keyboard), Barry Burton (steel guitar) and James Hooker (piano) attracted to develop a mix of popcountry and blue-eyed soul.

In 1975 released their debut album Stacked Deck out, which resulted in two hits "Third Rate Romance" (rock) and "Amazing Grace (Used to Be Her Favorite Song)" (a lonely country Top 10 single). In 1976 won the song "The End Is Not in Sight (The Cowboy Tune)" (from the album "Too Stuffed to Jump") a Grammy for Country Vocal Performance by a group.

After "Toucan Do It Too" came out in 1977, Barry Burton left the Group and was replaced by Duncan Cameron. In the same year played the Aces in the American music program Austin City Limits (a staple of PBS. Butch McDade described their music as American music - blues, country, folkreggae, rock and Latin.

In 1978 came the album "Burning the Ballroom Down" and the following year came at another record company "The Amazing Rhythm Aces" from which Joan Baez, Tracy Nelson and the Muscle Shoals Horns were working. Both albums received critical acclaim, but the sale was bad. Before they parted, they released another album "How the Hell Do You Spell Rhythum".

Russell Smith became a successful songwriter, Billy Earhart III went into the Hank Williams Jr. 's Bama Band play and Duncan Cameron went to the country band "Sawyer Brown" (a successful band that in the years of1980 in the hit parade was and is similar to the music of the Amazing Rhythm Aces). James Hooker went to Nanci Griffith in 1987 and is still the only remaining of the band "The Blue Moon Orchestra".

In 1994 , the band came back together, only Danny Parks (guitar and mandolin) in place for Cameron Duncan. They came up with a new rendition of their biggest hits "Ride Again". They had already started making va new songs for their comeback album, but the death of Butch McDade (29 november 1998 due to cancer) delayed the issue. Then came mid 1999 their album Chock Full of Coountry Goodness out.


  • Stacked Deck (1975)
  • Too Stuffed to Jump (1976)
  • Toucan Do It Too (1977)
  • Burning the Ballroom Down (1978)
  • The Amazing Rhythm Aces (1979)
  • How the Hell Do You Spell Rhythum? (1980)
  • Full House: Aces High (1981)
  • 4 You 4 Ever: Best of Amazing Rhythm Aces (1982)
  • Out of the Blue (1997)
  • Ride Again (1997)
  • Chock Full of Country Goodness (1999)
  • Concert Classics, Volume 3 [live] (1999)
  • Absolutely Live (2000)
  • Stacked Deck/Too Stuffed to Jump (2000)
  • Toucan Do It Too/Burning the Ballroom Down (2000)
  • Between You and Us (2001)
  • Nothin' but the Blues (2004)

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