The Angels (Angel City outside Australia ) is an Australian rock band.

The band broke around 1976 by with the single ' Am I ever gonna see your face again ' after a number of years to have exposed them. This was followed by several other singles and their debut album from 1977.The music is characterized by the staccato hakkerige guitar work. As with AC/DC and Rose Tattoo is a number of albums by the Group produced by the duo Harry Vanda/George Young.

The best known occupancy is:

  • Doc Neeson (vocals)
  • John Brewster (guitar, vocals)
  • Rick Brewster (guitar, organ)
  • Graham (Buzz) Bidstrup (drums)
  • Chris Bailey (bass, vocals)


  • 1977-The Angels (Albert, Australia)
  • 1978-Face to Face (Albert, Australia)
  • 1979-No Exit (Albert, Australia)
  • 1980-Face to Face (Epic, US, as Angel City)
  • 1980-Darkroom (Epic, Australia)
  • 1980-Live at El Mocambo
  • 1981-Night Attack (Epic, Australia)
  • 1983-Watch the Red (Epic, Australia)
  • 1984-Two Minute Warning (Mushroom, Australia)
  • 1986-Howling (Mushroom, Australia)
  • 1987-Live Line (Mushroom, Australia)
  • 1990-Beyond Salvation (Mushroom, Australia)
  • 1991-Red Back Fever (Mushroom, Australia)
  • 1999-Live Line-Definitive Digital Remaster (Shock, Australia)
  • 2000-Left Hand Drive (Shock, Australia)
  • 2008-The Tour (AUS EP) (Australia)
  • 2012-Take It to the Streets (Liberation, Australia)

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