The Bachelors is a Irish pop group, which was founded in Dublin in 1957 as The Harmonichords, a harmonica trio. In 1962 they changed their name to The Bachelors and they went singing.

In the sixties they were popular both in Ireland and in Great Britain. Hits from that time were Charmaine (1963), DianeI BelieveRamonaI Wouldn't Trade You for the World(1964), MarieIn the Chapel in the Moonlight (1965) and a cover version of "The Sound of Silence (1966).

The group consisted of three singers: Conleth (Con) Cluskey (born 18 november 1941), his brother Declan (' Dec ') Cluskey (born 23 december 1942) and John Stokes (officially: Sean James Stokes) (born on 13 August 1940). In 1984, the group apart. Both the Cluskeys as John Stokes formed a private group. At one point both groups welcomed The New Bachelors. That led to a lawsuit. The group now calls itself ' Con Cluskey of the brothers & Dec The Bachelors ', the Group of John Stokes calls himself ' John Stokes & The Bachelors ' or simply ' The Bachelors '.

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