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Rhayce Samuel Radford-Burns (born February 5, 2001), better known by his stage name The Bad Boy, is an Australian guitarist.

The Bad Boy's career begun in 2011 when he was signed to Paralyzer Records as a guitarist.

Life and careerEdit

2001-2010: Early yearsEdit

The Bad Boy was born Rhayce Samuel Radford-Burns on February 5, 2001 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the fifth child of Lisa Jayne Radford and Darren John Burns.

Radford-Burns was raised with his three older siblings for two years, only to be introduced to a new family member in 2003. By 2006, Radford-Burns had gained two younger siblings.

Radford-Burns became interested in guitar-playing after his father often played guitar solos on the computer for him to listen to.

2011: Beginning of careerEdit

By 2011, Radford-Burns had often used the name "Bad Boy" when describing himself. His e-mail address even contained the name. In September, 2011, when he was offered the chance to be signed with Paralyzer Records, he decided that his stage name would be The Bad Boy. He was then signed with this name.

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