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The Basement Tapes - Trouble

Basement tapes

The Basement Tapes is an independent Rock band from Janesville, WI, founded by Seth Lambert. The band self-released their first album "Hurricane Gospel" in 2012.


The Basement Tapes was founded in 2011 when Lambert invited the members of the band to record some original songs. Hurricane Gospel was recorded in Marty Morgan's basement. The record was originally released under the name Invisible Mountains.

Before the Basement Tapes, all of the band members attended Janesville Parker High School together. Lambert began writing songs with the group The Leptons, along with John Zillmer.


The band gets their name from an album Bob Dylan and the Band as well as the fact that most of their recording is done in basements.


Seth Lambert (vocals, guitar, saxophone) John Zillmer (Bass) Marty Morgan (Drums, Percussion) Nathan Bollig (Guitar, Keyboard, vocals) Jason Mumma (Piano, Organ) Danielle Lambert (Vocals)


(as the Leptons) Leprosy 2007/2009(re-recorded) Nineteen 2009 More Songs 2008 SPASTIC ZOMBIE DEATH DREAMS 2009

(as the Basement Tapes) Hurricane Gospel 2012

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