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The Beat Konducta Volumes 1-2: Movie Scenes

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Artist: Madlib

Date Released: April 11, 2006

Label: Stones Throw

Produced By: Madlib



In the past couple of years, underground hip-hop has gotten attention from the mainstream press like never before: From MF Doom's goofy mask to J Dilla's production work before his death, the interest being taken in what's coming from the indies has subverted the slick overproduction of mainstream hip-hop. At the core of this latest generation of beatmakers is Madlib, renowned for his work in Madvillain, Quasimoto and Lootpack to name but a few. This release is one of the few under his own moniker, two sets of songs (They were released separately on vinyl) that are supposed to be a movie soundtrack. Each of the 35(!) snippets has a specific mood attached to it, though what exactly is happening in this to-be-released film I'm not sure even Madlib knows. Whatever the case, songs like "Stax (Strings)" and "Old Age (Youngblood)" sample funk, jazz and soul records that show Madlib's a guy that likes his vinyl. His method of only doing songs in a few takes gives these tracks a vibrant feel to them, but ultimately it's Madlib's intuition for creating well-aging tracks that makes "The Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2 Movies Scenes" such a success. PMasterson

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