Artist: Patience & Prudence

Date Released: 2004

Label: Collector's Choice

Produced By: Mark McIntyre


  1. Tonight You Belong To Me
  2. A Smile And A Ribbon
  3. Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now
  4. The Money Tree
  5. We Can't Sing Rhythm And Blues
  6. Dreamer's Bay
  7. You Tattletale
  8. Very Nice Is Bali Bali
  9. Witchcraft
  10. Over Here
  11. Heavenly Angel
  12. Little Wheel
  13. All I Do Is Dream Of You
  14. Your Careless Love
  15. Tom Thumb's Tune
  16. Golly Oh Gee
  17. Should I
  18. Whisper Whisper
  19. Didn't I
  20. Apples On The Lilac Tree
  21. Tonight You Belong To Me
  22. How Can I Tell Him
  23. A Smile And A Ribbon
  24. Tonight You Belong To Me


The title to this release is a little bit of a misnomer; I suppose, yes, it is the best of Patience & Prudence, but by that token, it's also the worst of Patience & Prudence and the most mediocre of Patience & Prudence -- this disc contains everything the duo ever recorded. Why they didn't call it "The Complete Patience & Prudence"? I don't know—perhaps "Best" just catches people's ears more than "Complete" does. Even with containing all their singles (see their artist page for a breakdown) and a couple unreleased versions of songs (they never had an album aside from this release—not even any other LP compilation), it doesn't even break 50 minutes. So, how is it? It's actually very good. Patience & Prudence, in the mid 1950s were considered one-hit wonders; it's only recently when a couple of their songs have shown up in the films Election and Ghost World that interest was revived in the duo. They're still relatively obscure, but there was enough interest for Collector's Choice to press up a bunch of these discs. For some, this disc might not be much more than a curiosity of a footnote of pop music, but it's actually pretty interesting. Their biggest hit (and one of their strongest songs) "Tonight You Belong To Me" shows up a few times, as they re-recorded it throughout their career—though the 1964 version didn't do well, despite the more modern arrangement. Other songs on here are very strong as well (I'm partial to "A Smile And A Ribbon", "Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now", and "Apples On The Lilac Tree"), though there are some misfires (the semi-novelty, though with weird undertones, "We Can't Sing Rhythm & Blues" and the strangely racist in that charming 1950s naive way, "Very Nice Is Bali Bali"). It's a bit unfair that Patience & Prudence were forgotten—after all, they were the act that saved Liberty Records from bankruptcy, the inspiration for Ross Bagdasarian to speed vocals up for "The Wtich Doctor" and the folks Brian Wilson nicked the arrangement of "Tonight You Belong To Me" from when he produced The Honeys' version -- but they were very much a victim of changing styles, and their sound was on the way out when they'd had their big hit. Like I said, this is an interesting piece of pop history, but it's also a collection of great singles, too. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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