The Blue Diamonds was a Dutch duo consisting of the brothers Belt (Depok/West Java15 april 1943) and Ruud de Wolff (Batavia12 may 1941 - Driebergen18 december 2000). The brothers, from Indian-Dutch descent, vomiting in 1960 by with the worldwide hit Ramona.


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Belt and Ruud de Wolff came in 1949 with their parents to Netherlands and sang in their teens at school events in bands such as The String Ecstasy Boys and The Cool Cats. The repertoire consisted mostly of covers of The Everly Brothers. In 1960 was their performance of the song from 1927 Ramona months in the charts, and also in many other countries the song was a big hit. Other success songs from that time were among other Oh Carol and Little Ship.

Early 1960s toured the brothers along with Indonesiaby Anneke Grönloh , while in the Netherlands and other European countries have different numbers charts removed.For Ramona received the a Edison brothers from the hands of Wim Sonneveld, after seven million copies were sold. Also in the 1970s brought The Blue Diamonds several singles, but the stormy success of Ramona was no longer matched. That first struck their version of Save the last dance for me .

Early eighties they took in several plates in the Indonesia Malay, from which millions of copies over the counter went.

[1][2]Ruud and Riems handprints in to the Walk of Fame Rotterdam

To the death of Ruud de Wolff remained in december 2000 The Blue Diamonds make plates and occur. Really big successes remained, but the typical Blue Diamonds-sound remained popular.

After the death of Ruud de Wolff Belt continued to occur, as a solo artist with a backing band, and as a duo with his son Steffen under the name The New Diamonds. On 29 april2005 was Belt David appointed Knight of the order of Orange Nassau.



Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

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That'll be the day 08-05-1965 9 13

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

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in the Radio 2 Top 2000

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Ramona 504 598 1036 948 460 752 707 833 747 703 1506 1394 1555 1517 -

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