The Bodysnatchers is a former British 2 Tone ska-formation from the era which alone had a female occupation.


[hide]*1 Biography


The beginning[Edit]Edit

Bass player Nicky Summers is visiting in the summer of 1979 a Specials-concert at the Moonlight Club and comes up with the idea to set up her own musical groups established in 1983 . Through an ad in Melody Maker music magazines like the recruits they guitarist Sarah-Jane Owens, saxophonist Miranda Joyce, drummer Jane Summers, their new keyboardist Penny Leyton, guitarist Stella Barker and singer Rhoda Dakar (in the punk time active as a model at Vivienne Westwood).

2 Tone[Edit]Edit

On 24 november 1979 The Bodysnatchers have their first appearance in the Windsor Castle. Their set includes mainly covers of rocksteadyand skaclassics. At the second performance, Act for Shane MacGowanspunk band The Nips, come Specials-boss Jerry Dammers and Selecter-singer Pauline Black take a look, which results in a 2 Tone-contract and an invitation to participate in the second 2 Tone-tour. They also play on a feast of Blondiesinger Deborah Harry. But that's not all, because on 28 and 30 december 1979 The Bodysnatchers are one of the three bands that for Madness open in the Lyceum Ballroom, and on new year's Eve 1979 they stand together with The Selecter in the Dingwalls. Members of The Specials, Madness and even Motorhead are there to witness how The Bodysnatchers initiate the seventies and the eightiesinaugurates The Selecter. A review in the NME, but Rhoda and co. are not at all well received. "The girls have a lot to learn".


The tour with The Selecter goes on 23 February 1980 in Newcastle and ends on 22 March in Lewisham. Initially, The Bodysnatchers bottom of the bill but when the number 2, the British-American punk trio/Holly & The Italians, is badgered they move a spot on. by the time the tour is over Let's Do Rocksteadyappears their debut single, a cover of the Jamaican singer Dandy Livingstone. The b-side is the self-penned Ruder Than You. It delivers them a 22nd place in the English charts on a John Peel Session and, as well as television appearances in Top of the Pops and the children's Tiswas ontbijtshow.

The end[Edit]Edit

Tour The Bodysnatchers In June with The Specials and The Go-Go's (whereby there are as many men and women sit in the bus) along various English coastal towns. After the band leaves Jane Summers for its degree; She is replaced by Judy Parsons. After the second single in July released Easy Life (who have just the top 50 picks) think The Bodysnatchers to record a debut album; However, these plans be deleted because there is not enough material available and because the ladies do not wish to bind to the obligations of a record company. Also get them arguing about what will happen next; Rhoda and Nicky to political issues (such as The Specials and The Selecter), but the rest just want to catchy pop songs (such as Madness). Although a breakup is inevitable they decide to first finish the remaining performances. In september, The Bodysnatchers for Toots & The Maytals after which they start their own to their first and only tour. Late October is the farewell concert at the Music Machine.

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