File:Theboyismine6 200.jpg
File:"The Boy Is Mine" - Brandy & Monica

The Boy Is Mine begins with the girls in their apartments, watching television. Brandy watches the The Jerry Springer Show (whose episode title is that of the song) but then Monica accidentally turns Brandy's TV to a romantic movie, in which Monica is watching on her own TV set. Whenever Brandy or Monica turns the channel, the other's TV stays on that channel and they grow sick of it. They then give up and start to sing. The next scene shows Brandy and Monica discussing their problem with their separate groups of friends. The "boy", played by Mekhi Phifer, then appears outside the two girls apartment, where all their friends walk by him as they exit their respective friends place.. The girls are in pajamas next, and then each one calls the man over to choose. After Brandy and Monica fight with words, the man comes to the apartment, frustrated over who to choose. The door opens, and only Brandy is shown. Then it swings a little wider and Monica comes. The man gets a startled expression, and we are left hanging.

The video was nominated for two 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, for Best R&B Video, and Video of the Year.

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