The Chain is a song from Fleetwood Mac . It comes from their album Rumours .

"The Chain" is the only song that was written by the entire band. That in itself is an oddity, because usually attributed Mick Fleetwood and John McVie not count. The second peculiarity lies in the fact that the relationships within the band were strained by the breakup of the relationship between McVie and Nicks / Buckingham.

The basis of the song is formed by the middle, where the bass solo by John McVie begins and the outro of the guitar of Lindsey Buckingham . However, there arose the problem that both John McVie and Buckingham did not start that could turn into the solo and outtro. Nick came up with a melody and lyrics that Nick had written for "Lola (my love)" from her previous album with Buckingham Buckingham Nicks out of their time for Fleetwood Mac, and when their relationship was still solid. Christine McVie then crafted melody and text. After that, the band put all on tape. During mixing Buckingham threw almost all music voices of the way early and kept only the bare drums Fleetwood and his own voice on guitar. These two voices give the song a more Eastern sounding tone. Besides the guitar voice is also a banjo to hear.

Within FM circles the track received a special charge it. How difficult relationships were also in the band wanted to stay together the band. The lyrics "never break the chain" closed accordingly. In addition, the bass solo from John McVie was during the live concerts dedicated to a band get away to go loose. The bass solo leads now a separate life; The run is practiced by many bass players.

The song never released as a single, but it gave its name to a box set of the band celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary, entitled 25 Years - The Chain . Part of its popularity thanked the song to the BBC that "The Chain" used as the opening song of their coverage of the Formula 1 races. It started in 1978 and ended in 1997 when the BBC did move to the rights ITV Sport. When the rights in 2009 returned to the BBC broadcast this restored its traditional opening and "The Chain" ended up being in the UK single list; it was often downloaded .

The song has been covered countless times; Shark Island was the group containing the boldest; they let the bass solo road.

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