The Chakachas (also known as Les Chakachas or Los Chakachas ) was a Belgian group of the 50 's to the 70 's had a reasonable popularity with their singles, which were a mix of diverse, often exotic styles and under the name Latin soul to the man were brought.

The band was founded by percussionist Gaston Bogaert, who played conga and tumba . Other members were Kari Kenton (vocals, maracas), Vic Ingeveldt (saxophone), Charlie Lots (trumpet), Christian Marc (piano), Henri Breyre (guitar and backing vocals) and Bill Raymond (bass guitar). The band members were from CharleroiSchaerbeekWillebroek and Liege.

Their first hit, Eso es el amor from 1958, was sung in Spanish. In 1959 they took Rebecca on, a song in the film La battaglia di Algeri was used.

Even though the Group had multiple hits, yet they will be most remembered by the world hit Jungle Fever in 1972. This single, which more than a million times over the counter went, climbed to the 8th place in theAmerican Billboard Hot 100[1and had a huge success as a disco number. In the United Kingdom the BBC decided not to run because the number there was, and panted heavily in gekreund what if sexual and obscene might befall. The song was later used on the soundtrack to the 1997 film Boogie Nights and in the computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and it was sampled by 2 Live Crew (in the song Put Her in the Buck) and Public Enemy (in Cold Lampin' with Flavor). It turned out to be impossible for the group to surpass the success of this song.

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