The Chills is an alternative-rock band from DunedinNew Zealand. In the 80 's and 90 's was The Chills one of the most important contributors to the alternative music movement known as Dunedin Sound .


[hide]*1 History


Over the years the occupation of strongly changed, and the only permanent member since the beginning is singer and composer Martin Philipps. Several other former members of The Chills have joined more successful bands such as The Verlaines and Luna connected. Philipps ' earlier band the Same has occurred along with other bands that took part to the Dunedin Sound-flow, such as The Enemyand Toy Love . After the death of Bull the name of the band temporarily in A Wrinkle in Time, because the name The Chills him too much to his deceased friend remembered. This change, however, was quickly reversed.

This constant changing of the occupation has meant that the band has released few albums never has been very successful, commercially and has remained relatively unknown. Especially in the 90 's, the band was unproductive because Philipps began to plod with his health; so he got hepatitis , for example, due to drug addiction. Later the band what more productive, because Philipps of his addiction was healed.

At the recording of the album Sunburnt if two members of the United Kingdom not The Chills. Dave Mattacks and Dave Gregory of XTC fell for them in the band.


New Zealand[Edit]Edit

Year Title Tag Score in the New Zealand charts
1986 Kaleidoscope World Flying Nun Records 19
1987 Brave Words 24
1990 Submarine Bells 1
1992 Soft Bomb Slash 3
1994 Heavenly Pop Hits-The Best of The Chills Flying Nun 24
1996 Sunburnt 25
2000 Secret Box
2004 Stand By
1982 Dunedin Double EP (various artists) Flying Nun
1985 The Lost EP 4
1994 Ice Picks


Year Title Album Score in the New Zealand charts
1982 "Rolling Moon" 26
1984 "Pink Frost" 17
"Doledrums" 12
1986 "I'll Only See You Alone Again"
"I Love My Leather Jacket" 4
1987 "House with a Hundred Rooms"
1988 "Wet Blanket" Brave Words
1990 "Heavenly Pop Hit" Submarine Bells
"Drug Magicians"
"Oncoming Day" Submarine Bells
"Part Past Part Fiction"
1992 "Male Monster from the Id" Soft Bomb
"Double Summer"
1995 "Come Home" Sunburnt

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