The Clash is the debut album by the British punk band The Clash . It was released in 1977 . The album was very well received and in 2003 it was given a 77th place in The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list of music magazine Rolling Stone .


  [ hide ] *1 Recording and production

Recording and Production edit ]Edit

The album was recorded in 1977 in the United Kingdom under the label of Columbia Records (CBS Records). Simon Humphrey, technical employee of CBS collaborated on the album, which was produced by soundman Mickey Foote, who also arranged the sound at the live shows of The Clash. The album was in the presence defunct CBS Whitfield Street Studio No.. 3 included. [1] The Clash was very varied for a punk album, with clear influences from reggae and early rock 'n' roll .

The album was largely conceived in the eighteenth floor of a London building on Harrow Road, in an apartment that was rented by the grandmother of Mick Jones, who also repeatedly visited a concert by The Clash. [2] The album was recorded in three weekends in CBS Studio 3 in February 1977. After the third of these three sessions, the album was finished, completely recorded and mixed. The master tapes were delivered to CBS in early March, after a total production of only 4000 pounds.

Numbers Edit ]Edit

The subject of the opening song, " Janie Jones ", was the famous eponymous owner of a London brothel in the 70s. " Remote Control "was written by Mick Jones after the Anarchy Tour , and includes references to officials who were holding concerts, police, large businesses and in special record companies. CBS finally released the song as a single off without warning. Band thereof " I'm So Bored with the USA "is a new version of the song written by Mick Jones"I'm So Bored with You ", [3] that the Americanisation of the UK condemns. [4]

Tracklist edit ]Edit

Side A
Nr. Title Writer (s) Expensive
1. Janie Jones   Strummer, Jones 2:05
2. Remote Control   Strummer, Jones 3:00
3. I'm So Bored with the USA   Strummer, Jones 2:24
4. White Riot   Strummer, Jones 1:55
5. Hate & War   Strummer, Jones 2:04
6. What's My Name   Keith Levene 1:40
7. Deny   Strummer, Jones 3:03
8. London's Burning   2:10
Side B
Nr. Title Writer (s) Expensive
9. Career Opportunities   Strummer, Jones 1:51
10. Cheat   Strummer, Jones 2:06
11. Protex Blue   Strummer, Jones 1:46
12. Police & Thieves   Junior Murvin , Lee Perry 6:00
13. 48 Hours   Strummer, Jones 1:34
14. Garage Country   Strummer, Jones 3:13


Musicians edit ]Edit

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