Artist: Stan Ridgway

Album: The Way I Feel Today

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: So, it's kind of a common thing to do a standards album now. Harry Nilsson was one of the first with his "A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night", and, well, there've been some other cool people who've done them, I'm sure. Granted, they mostly seem to be lame folks like Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow and alla them, but whatever. Perhaps one of the oddest standards albums is The Way I Feel Today, a limited edition type one from the former Wall Of Voodoo frontman Stan Ridgway. It's a really cool album—for the most part, it's performed straight, though it's got a few synth washes and blips and bleeps in the mixes too. And, well, it really works. Ridgway's got a very unique voice—but don't confuse "unique" with "bad"; he's got a great voice and, well, it surprisingly really suits this material really well. As for this song—it's one of the odder standards, which is one of the reasons why it stood out to me. I don't think Amazon has this one, but I do believe that CDBaby still has some in stock, so go pick it up. Hooray! - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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