Artist: Vietnam

Date Released: July 13, 2004 (recorded August 2003)

Label: Vice/Atlantic

Produced By:


  1. Too Tired
  2. Makes No Difference
  3. Princess
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Lullabye


I feel bad for VietnamMichael Williams and Joshua Garrett, based in Long Island via a small Texas town, are currently trapped in the wrong place at the wrong time. Taking influences mostly from the politically-tinged rock ballads of the war-stricken 60s and 70s, the duo is manifesting its unbearable frustration through two subtly heavy guitars and delicately pissed off vocals. The five songs that make up this amazing EP are drenched in the dense muggy weather that can be found in southern Asia as well as a late summer night in the city. This is how Vietnam is so powerful; they can take one distinct feeling and manipulate it into a vast array of powerful emotions. This EP moves along at a very slow and quiet pace, but every song is amazingly heavy and made up of more intellectual and musical levels than most full lengths have throughout (along the same way that Sonic Youth or Velvet Underground compose a song). This is a powerful statement from the young band and hopefully the follow-up won't disappoint. Mpardaiolo

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