Artist: The OhSees

Date Released: 2006

Label: Narnack

Produced By: Dave Sitek



Much to the dismay of noise-rock aficionados everywhere, San Francisco’s Coachwhips is no more. But fans of leader/founder John Dwyer need not fret, because his side project, The OhSees (changed from OCS, probably because Dwyer was sick of people referring to it as O-C-S), is alive, kicking and productive, expanding to a three-piece and enlisting TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to produce. If you were into Dwyer’s previous album, 2, you will not be disappointed with the return of the innocent lo-fi folk rock from before. A very far cry from the Coachwhips, this project is quiet, soft and patient like a folksy Ariel Pink minus the 60s pop. The lyrics are strange, ambiguous and simple much like the artwork and Dwyer’s fidgety voice brings them to life perfectly. Nothing here but confusingly addictive tunes of acoustic guitar and quirky noise, you can’t beat that. Mpardaiolo

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