The Crickets is an American rock and roll group called " from Lubbock in Texas who in the 1950s was formed by Buddy Holly. Together they had their first hit in 1957 withthat'll be the day. Holly left the band In 1958 and then knew the only modest successes. The Crickets Act still on (as of 2014).


[hide]*1 Biography


The name of The Crickets (crickets) was created as a list by Buddy HollyJerry Allison and Joe Mauldin to under a contract to come out that Holly had signed with Decca Records in 1956. Else had he the number that'll be the day not at the record label Brunswick may back. Fifteen months they released albums under Buddy Holly and the Crickets, with further hits as Oh boy! and Peggy Sue. At the end of 1958 the band members and he left Holly during a tour in North America accompanied by Waylon JenningsTommy Allsup and Carl Bunch. On February 3, 1959, when a plane crash Holly came a day that has gone down in history as The day The music died .

The band regrouped, with Sonny Curtis (guitar) and Earl Sinks (lead singer) as new members, while Jerry Allison had the actual lead in hands. That same year they released the single love's made a fool of you from which acquired no listing in the charts. They also succeeded in running a version of I fought the law from the pen of Curtis, or withMore than I can say. The last two numbers were in the renditions by others though a success, allowing Bobby Vee and Sonny Curtis since then also known as songwriters.

In 1961, Jerry Naylor the lead singer, with an occasional switch to Sonny Curtis. In the period up until 1965 they recorded many versions of The Beatles, with some small successes for My little girl and Please don't ever change. In addition, it was still an LP recorded in 1962 with Bobby Vee who appeared in a similar sound as Holly. Also in England, the band still small successes and further they performed musical in two jukebox movies, Just for fun (1963) in England and The girls on the beach (1965) in the United States. David Box was the lead singer in 1964, when he also was killed during a plane crash.

Dennis and Curtis at the beginning of the 1970s formed the core of the band, while Mauldin had left the music world. Also they worked as session musicians and composed the theme song for Curtis The Mary Tyler Moore Show .

At the end of the 1970s came renewed interest for the music of Buddy Holly, which Allison, Curtis and The Crickets again met as arranged again Mauldin. In 1986 left Curtis to solo to continue and was replaced by Gordon Payne (vocals). Paul McCartney remained in all these years fan of the band and wrote the song for their t-shirt that earned a modest success in 1988.

Around 1995 added Curtis itself again at The Crickets and since then he, Robert and act regularly on Mauldin (stand 2014), including several years with Glen Hardin.



  • The "chirping" crickets (1957, with Buddy Holly)
  • The sound of The crickets (1958, EP with Buddy Holly)
  • Buddy Holly (1958, with Buddy Holly)
  • In style with the crickets (1960)
  • Bobby Vee meets the crickets (1962)
  • Something old, something new (1963)
  • California sun (1964)
  • Rock reflections (1971)
  • Remnants (1973)
  • Bubblegum, pop, ballads & boogie (1973)
  • Long way from Lubbock (1975) (with Albert Lee).
  • Back in style (1975)
  • 3 piece (1988)
  • T-shirt (1988)
  • Cover to cover (1995)
  • The original (1996)
  • Rockin (2000)
  • Too much monday morning
  • Crickets and their buddies (2004)
  • About time too (with Mike Berry)

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