The Day Willie Lynch Dropped the Mic is an extended play by GAZA. The concept was originally named The Candlelight Session, however over time he decided to change the name due to the content. It is due to be released on October 5th.


Due to the fact that All I Ever Wanted will not be released on the planned date of November 10th due to features and unfinished material, GAZA announced an EP to hold everyone over until he could release at least a single. GAZA stated that he would shoot for 8 songs on the project and that features would be limited. He began recording the EP with Infamy as the engineer behind the project. They will record a promotional record entitled Dreaming to promote both of their releases (one version will be between GAZA and Infamy and the other will feature Exampl, entitled the Jethro Remix). Despite being an EP, the project is actually album length, having as many tracks as the yet to be released All I Ever Wanted.


Kapital K, Profit, the trio K.T.B, Exampl and Infamy will be featured on the EP.


  • I'm A Wonder
  • Higher Learning
  • R.A.(N).T (featuring Profit)
  • A Million Dollar Shiny Suit
  • Chips
  • Some Kind Of Wonderful
  • Higher Learning Pt. II/Food4Thought
  • The Twilight
  • Fair Exchange (featuring the K.T.B)
  • Dreaming (featuring Exampl) *Jethro Remix*
  • Don't You Remember (featuring Infamy)

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