The Divine Comedy is a pop group from Northern Ireland, led by Neil Hannon. He is also the only one who always part of the group.

The band's name is the English translation of the Divine ComedyDante Alighieri 's famous work.

The Divine Comedy began in 1989 as a trio, but after the Fanfare for the Comic Muse debut album leaving John McCullagh Kevin Traynor and the band. Hannon new musicians gathered around, but today he is the only band member.

The commercial break-through had in 1996, with the album Casanova. Similar success was achieved in 1998 with Fin de Siècle. Also in that year provided Hannon backing vocals on the song No Regrets by Robbie Williams. In 1999, the band recorded a cover of a Noël Coward-number for the Twentieth Century Bluestribute album. That number, I've Been To A Marvellous Party, also appeared on single. The Divine Comedy also worked together with Tom Jones. On his cover album Reload is a cover of the song by Portishead All Mine.

In June 2006 the album, Victory for the Comic Muse.

In July 2009 brings Neil Hannon in collaboration with Thomas Walsh of Pugwash group as The Duckworth Lewis Method an album under the name The Duckworth Lewis Method from. This album is totally inspired by the cricket sport. The ' Duckworth-Lewis ' method is a calculation model to determine an optimal score in cricket.

In May 2010, a The Divine Comedy album under the name Bang Goes The Knighthood.



  • Fanfare for the Comic Muse (July 1990)
  • Liberation (August 1993)
  • Promenade (March 1994)
  • Casanova (april 1996)
  • A Short Album About Love (February 1997)
  • Fin de Siècle (August 1998)
  • A Secret History ... The Best of the Divine Comedy (August 1999)
  • Regeneration (March 2001)
  • Absent Friends (March 2004)
  • Victory for the Comic Muse (June 2006)
  • Bang Goes the Knighthood (May 2010)

Concerts in Netherlands[Edit]Edit

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